Internet Consulting

Your friendly neighbourhood web experts.

Internet Consultation

SidePix provides internet consulting expertise on a variety of online software products, cloud-based services and web-related applications. Our goal is to provide experienced, business-oriented, internet consultants that know how to leverage technology to help you do business better. SidePix works hard to first understand your business, then to plan solutions that increase your productivity and competitiveness.

Internet consulting services include a comprehensive analysis of your existing online systems and technology. Working with you, SidePix consultants analyze your requirements, evaluate new and existing technologies, then create comprehensive plans and strategies for implementing better online solutions.

Our expertise encompasses diverse, online-oriented disciplines that date back to the beginning of the internet. In addition to technical expertise in internet technology, SidePix staff members also have experience in online marketing, app development, web design, and eCommerce. Such a broad knowledge base gives us a well-rounded perspective when delivering online consultation services.