Our Project Methodology

Define. Design. Develop. Deliver.

Steps to a Successful Project

Critical to the success of any project, from building a house to constructing a website or developing an eCommerce store is the methodology followed by the project team. The following approach has been refined over years of development experience into a process will ensure the successful delivery of your project. Using our strategic, creative and technical expertise we develop and build solid, well-designed software solutions that meet our client’s business objectives.

Our process has four distinct phases: define, design, develop and deliver. However, our work does not end after those four phases are complete as the final phase is, refine. We encourage our clients to monitor their solution and ensure that it is meeting their intended goals and objectives and if changes are desired then we will provide estimates to continually enhance and improve the solution. Additionally, we can help with marketing and finding the proper ways to get your product noticed.


This phase establishes the “what” and “why” of the project and is always a constant balance of the requirements and constraints of the “must have” and the “nice to have elements.” We will analyze the scope of the work to be delivered and your unique requirements. We will use our collective experience to assist you to refine your requirements and to make sure we have a complete understanding of your goals and objectives.

  • Undergo in-depth research into your industry to understand your:
    • product(s)
    • market pool
    • competition
    • and target demographics.
  • Gather all the specifications and expectations of the project.
  • Plan a winning strategy to best fulfill your goals within a budget and timeframe.
  • Finalize a full in-depth scope of the project.
  • Choose a development platform.


During this phase of the project, we will design all the various elements required for your solution. This is where a major part of the initiative is focused on the creative and conceptual design process. The design phase delivers our blueprints to help us to produce the deliverables for your project.

  • Preparation of detailed flowcharts or wireframes showing the all the areas of the project, their features, and the technologies that will be implemented.
  • Design the general look and feel using conceptual mockups and storyboards.
  • Finalize conception and begin the creation of all the graphic elements to be used.
  • Design multiple layouts based on a finalized theme or brand guideline.
  • Port over all approved designs and layouts for use on software applications, website and social media portals, print and television.


Following the design approval, we will optimize images, interfaces and other materials for the technical solution. Our team begins developing your project using the branding guidelines, flowcharts and storyboards to created during the design phase. Programming and content development is performed during this phase of the project.

  • Setup any development servers, databases, content management systems, application programming interfaces or schema requirements.
  • Begin front-end coding and application development.
  • Implement required back-end features including such things as:
    • membership accounts
    • administration pages
    • application specific tools
    • and e-commerce interfaces.
  • Perform any third-party integrations.


This is the launch phase of your project. After we have developed your solution, we extensively test it to make sure the interface and components are working according to their design. Having worked closely with you to design and create your project, we will now deploy it and help you go to market.

  • Configure, setup, and migrate software to the production server.
  • Ensure the software and applications are functioning within acceptable parameters.
  • Complete extensive testing within all browsers and/ or operating systems.
  • Deliver final product, passwords and instructions to you.
  • Begin execution of a marketing plan to aid in promotion. [See Pixel Tribe]