Our Team

Real-world experience and knowledge sets us apart.

Our Team Members Thrive on Excellence

Members of the SidePix team see our clients as more than just a job. We treat our clients as individuals because no two clients are the same when it comes to their business needs. With this in mind, our team members strive to provide professional service with exceptional value to all of our clients. We achieve this because our team members offer a variety of professional specialties, interests, and experience. The diversity of personalities on our team guarantees that one of our team members is suited to work closely with you to meet your needs.

Quite often computer consulting firms are comprised of technical professionals who lack real world experience. When designing an application it might be “textbook” perfect and make sense on the development screen, but if the application does not meet real world needs then the design will not get the job done. At SidePix, we have recognized the need for our team members to be expertly trained in the most current technology, but we also ensure that they are real-world experience and knowledge in applying that technology to meet each client’s unique situation.

What does it take to become part of the SidePix team? Our team members must thrive on achieving personal and professional excellence. We believe that working in a fun and ambitious environment is the key to developing a great team. Our recruiting efforts focus on hiring ambitious, intellectual, and easy-going individuals who know how to get the job done while still having a little fun. The corporate culture at SidePix is best described as an environment that fosters growth while providing value and a healthy twist of humor.