How to display current Canadian Canada Mortgage Rates
on your website.

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Now with a Built-in Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Rate
widget for your website.

Are you a realtor, broker or financial planner with a website? Do you need up-to-date Canadian mortgage interest rates displayed on your web page?

Here you can choose from a limitless number of mortgage rate box widgets to suit your web site.

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Auto update every 30 minutes.

Updated Daily.
You don't have to do anything.

Like the thousands of web sites currently using this service, you too can enjoy up-to-the-minute mortgage rates appearing on your site.

The mortgage rates are automatically displayed and no follow up maintenance is required.

It's Freeware!

Absolutely Free
built-in Mortgage Calculator

Our rate box widget has always been FREE, but now it includes a built-in mortgage calculator.

Have your website visitors do affordability, refinance and mortgage payment calculations right on your page.

Rate box sheets. Rate box sheets.
Rate box sheets.
Choose your mortgage rate sheet widget. Browse hundreds of mortgage rate widget designs.
Try it Out The Mortgage Rate Box Widget

Mortgage Rate Box Widget

Mortgage Calculator Widget

Add this HTML code to your website:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<div class="sbwidget-container"></div>

Simply copy the HTML code and place it where you want our mortgage rate and calculator widget to appear on your web page.

Create your own ratesheet widget code

Mortgage Rates
to match your website design.

We not only made it easy to have rates show up on your website, we've also made it easy to customize the rates and graphics to suit the look and feel of your website.

Even if you can't find the perfect rate box, we will help you code and customize a design that exclusively matches your current web site.

Browse hundreds of mortgage rate widget designs.
Call Us For a Custom Widget Design
TMG The Mortgage Group
Mortgage Super Brokers

A Trusted Source.
with accurate data.

SidePix was the first company in Canada to offer a mortgage rate box widget way back in 2001.

Plus, our interest rates come straight from Mortgage Super Brokers and TMG The Mortgage Group, so you know they will be accurate.

TMG The Mortgage Group is an award-winning Canadian mortgage company with a national team of over 700 qualified and accredited mortgage brokers and mortgage professionals providing residential and commercial mortgage services.


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